\\ Our mornings start with fresh grounded coffee. The beans go in the grinder, the smell breaks into the apartment and the noise wakes Trini up. That girl does like a lie in… Unhurried, we have our breakfast in the balcony. Then we take our dog Menina for a walk. Always around the same block. She is very obedient so no need for lead. If it’s too hot, we go for a swim at the beach nearby. Our daily life is relaxed and we are able to fully enjoy it because we have the most valuable thing in this crazy world: time. Thanks to the amazing people we have met since 2010 and who trust us to photograph some of the most important moments in their lives. We are so grateful to all of them.

\\ I’m Felipe and I’m a journalist. Trini is an artist. I worked as a reporter for two years for a local newspaper until I decided it was time to try something new, so I moved to England in 2009. In London, I shared a room with another 7 people (and a mouse, that decided to live under the refrigerator). As of work, I handed flyers in the street, did some cleaning, some waitering at jewish weddings and I even got a job as a construction worker for a while. In Chile, Trini was involved with art. She studied photography with Luis Poirot, did a few exhibitions, also some waitering in a bistrot and she started a small business selling second hand clothes and vintage sunglasses.

\\ We met in 2010 when working as photographers for a cruise line, sailing across the Mediterranean. Since then, we’ve done so many things together. We got married, travelled, adopted a dog and rented a small apartment right next to the beach in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. And we started BlancoRios Foto. We absolutely love to photograph weddings and families. But we are never swamped in work. We do only a few weddings per year and we want every single one of them to be beautiful and special. Travelling is a passion and we are lucky to have visited more than 30 countries and learned about different cultures. That is pretty much what life has been like to us: work, make some money, pack a bag and go for a new adventure.

\\ The term “wedding industry” creeps us out a bit and we like to think that we are not a part of it. Luxury, sophistication and glamour have nothing to do with us. We look for simplicity. Daylight. The countryside. The breeze and the beach. People who are happy with what they have. Who don’t care about appearance and what others think. Authentic people. And we are so grateful that they always find us. Photography has taken us to the most beautiful places in Bahia and so many others in Brazil, like Rio and São Paulo. We’ve also had a contract in New York recently. We travel to Santiago de Chile quite a bit to shoot weddings. In fact, this is where we have been spending most of our time over the past two years. We love photographing amazing people and we’re not stopping anytime soon.