hire us or hire us not, you should read this.

we don’t like princesses and we’d rather not photograph them (we do like khaleesis though). we have decided not to give a shit about how this might sound. in fact, we hope it sounds slightly aggressive, so we make a point. it’s the truth, and truth will set you free. we don’t like drama queens. nada de ‘noivinhas’, we hate that word. we don’t care about luxury, glamour or sophistication. protocol is boring. there are no obligations. it's your wedding day and you must enjoy every second of it. so, please, do yourself a favor and break many rules. or some, at least. if something don't go as planned, don't freak out. deal with it. don’t be a robot. you don’t need to wear a white dress if you don’t want to. but, if you do want one, getting it a bit dirty is not the end of the world. it just means you are having fun. why wear contact lenses if you have used your brown, old school, granny glasses every day of your life…? just wear them already! when it’s time, sit down with your family and share a meal together. don’t sit and eat alone in some cold room. also, you should definitely bring your dog along. do not deprive yourself the pleasure of having your friend over on this important day. got tattoos? please, do you best to show off all of them. but, hey, if you want to go all traditional, that’s also fine, as long as you are fine with it, and it’s not imposed. 

there is no fairy tale. there is only life as it is. be true to yourself. be happy. seja feliz. sé feliz, de verdad. that is our vibe. if it is not yours, don’t bother calling us. you will be better off with someone else.

now… if you read this far and you want to proceed, to stay in wonderland and find out how deep the rabbit hole goes, here's the red pill.

below are some of our favorite shots from different weddings. have a look, know our style, our editing, what we seek, what you can expect from us.

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